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Where it all began...

My name is Summer Stephenson and I grew up in a house where my parents occupation was breeding and selling snakes. It was the bomb. I LOVED it and still do to this day. My parents are Dan & Colette Sutherland, they are very successful entrepreneurs and own TSK Inc. also known as The Snake Keeper. Once I was capable of handling a snake I was always popping into the snake room and seeing what my Mom and Dad were up to. They mainly worked with Ball Pythons during most of my youth, they slowly worked their way into Central American Boas, Green Tree Pythons, and Colubrids. I have been working at their facility my whole life now and currently manage a good part of the collection.

During my childhood we would always go snake hunting in fields or when we would go camping, since we lived out in the desert in California it was a great place to find gopher snakes. That was when I had my first experiences with Pituophis. Around 7-10 years ago my parents bought their first gopher snakes that they have had in a long time. I started working with them as part of my job, I soon grew to love this species. I purchased my first gopher snakes in 2015 and my personal collection has done a lot of expanding since then.

In my own collection I work with Northern Pines, Mexican Pines (both Jani and Deppei), various Sayi morphs and localities including Kankakees, Hypos, Yellows, Whitesided, Red Hypos, Red Hypo Stillwaters, Red Albinos, Axanthics, Patternless, Albinos, and more. I also work with different San Diego Gophers and Sonoran Gophers. I may have missed a few but that covers the majority.

I am so grateful and excited to be part of this new community and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this species! If anyone ever has any questions I’m more than happy to answer what I can, either send me a message on FB or send me an email. Thanks for reading!


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